Mobile Phone WhatsApp Releases the Dark Mode Feature on Mobile, Here’s How to Activate...

WhatsApp Releases the Dark Mode Feature on Mobile, Here’s How to Activate It!

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WhatsApp is rumored to be providing more updates. Namely, the Dark Mode or Dark Mode feature on WhatsApp that will be present during chat. Aesthetic update that will change the messaging platform for 1.5 billion users later.

This free messaging application, offers Dark Mode or Dark Mode on WhatsApp which is expected to reduce the impact of strain on your eyes while using the smartphone.

Most websites, applications and other social media platforms seem to have presented their content with black text and white background.

This situation is certainly bad for your eyes and can be an unpleasant effect during browsing and sending messages for a long time.

This dark mode offers a simple solution to the problem by reversing colors and making themes darker.

WhatsApp reportedly started working on its dark mode feature in September last year. This change has been shown by the WABetaInfo page on iOS 2.18.100 users, they also include related images.

WhatsApp hopes the changes will improve the user experience by making it less difficult to see your screen for a long time.

There has been no official release date for the update and WhatsApp hasn’t commented on the existence of the feature yet.

However, there are clever tricks that users can do to emulate their effects.

Simply choosing a solid black background on your message page, and can significantly improve user experience, especially when chatting online at night.

Why do you have to use dark mode? you must be wondering right .. well this is the advantages and disadvantages if you use dark mode on whatsapp.

What are the Advantages of Dark Themes on WhatsApp?

  • First, reduce excessive eye radiation so that it will be safe for the eyes and make eye sight more comfortable.
  • Secondly, with a display like this will certainly save your battery so that there is no excessive power waste.

What are the Weaknesses of Dark Themes?

of course there are shortcomings of the dark mode that you must read below:

  • If you stare too long at the screen in the dark mode will make our eyes get tired quickly.
  • And because it is too dark it will be difficult for you if you read content that has long content that must take longer.

Now that’s the advantages and disadvantages that you will face when activating the dark mode on whatsapp, so if you are sure the following steps are given to enable dark mode on whatsapp on android 10:

How to Activate Whatsapp Dark Mode on Android 10?

It’s easy to activate the dark theme feature, here’s how


The first time, please open the settings on your Android 10 smartphone.


After that on the settings page, select the phone and tap tap as much as 7x to open two new menu Developer Options .


Then return to the previous menu on the settings page . There will be a new Developer Options menu . Select and Search for Dark Override Force then Activate .


Done, Finally open your whatsapp and see whatsapp application has changed to dark mode or dark mode .

Note: In addition, applications that can be given dark mode are only a few applications that are supported only then this mode will function on certain devices, such as Android smartphones, OnePlus7 Pro, OnePlus or ColorOS 6.

Now that’s how to activate the dark mode or the dark mode on the whatsapp application, especially in Android version 10 , before activating this mode, don’t forget to read the advantages and disadvantages first as has been explained above. May be useful.


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